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  • Let's keep fighting for all Haverhill families.

    We made history electing Andy to the City Council at the age of 22. Let's make sure we keep up the pace in 2017 and help Andy get to the State House so he can keep fighting for us in a greater capacity. It's going to be a tight race, so we hope you can get involved!

  • Putting Haverhill on the map.

    Dear Friends:


    It's been an honor to serve as your City Councilor for the past 2 years. We've advocated and fought for financial transparency, fair and targeted investments in education, youth development, entrepreneurship, the arts and more. We've done this, while standing up for all Haverhill families, regardless of their neighborhood or socioeconomic status.


    But, we can't do this alone. We made history in 2015 and now we need your help in 2017. Your support means a great deal to me, my family, and our team.


    Let's go forth and build a brighter future for Haverhill.





  • Let's build a better Haverhill, together.

    We need your help.

  • About Andy Vargas

    Summary: City Councilor | Haverhill Raised | Boston University | Public Service | Leadership

    Early years

    Andy Vargas was born in Cambridge, MA and moved to Haverhill with his family at the age of 6. The Vargas family immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic. Throughout his life, Andy has always remained conscious of his family's courage and hard work in pursuing the American Dream.


    Andy attended Haverhill's Public Schools, including Burnham Elementary, Pentucket Lake, and Haverhill High. For many years Andy played baseball under the Riverside Bradford Baseball League, where he was selected to join the Cooperstown team. After finding out that many young baseball players were unable to afford to pay to join a league, Andy organized Haverhill Baseball for All, which received baseball equipment donations to form a free league for inner-city Haverhill kids. Baseball for All received donations ranging from baseballs, bats, catcher's equipment, and bases.


    While at Haverhill High School, Andy played on the baseball and basketball teams, while also dedicating much of his time to the Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) team. As a VIP leader, Andy was trained in the areas of bullying, gang violence, and tutoring. Andy often visited the middle schools to tutor students in the fields of math, science, and history, while also mentoring students coming from difficult backgrounds and lower income families. He was also inducted as a member of the National Honor Society (NHS) for academic achievement and civic responsibility.


    Before leaving Haverhill High, Andy joined a statewide coalition of young people called Teens Leading The Way (TLTW), which organizes and empowers young leaders from the communities of Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester, Boston, and Springfield. Together with his fellow TLTW leaders, Andy participated in the drafting and filing of MA bill S.00183 An Act to design, pilot, and implement civics as a high school graduation requirement, which received 48 co-sponsors.

    Later years

    Andy attended Boston University and received a Bachelor's Degree, with a double major in Political Science and International Relations, with a concentration in Foreign Policy and Security Studies. He is an inaugural member of the Boston University Pardee School of Global Studies. Seeking to continue his commitment to public service and community organizing, Andy founded the Boston University Political Action Organization (BUPAO), which brought together students, faculty, activists, law enforcement, and elected officials to discuss and take action on some of the most pressing issues facing our time. Andy also served as the Director of the Department for City Affairs for BU's Student Government.


    While pursuing his degree, Andy interned at two offices in the Massachusetts State House, serving one Senator and one Representative throughout 2 years. He spent 5 months in Madrid, Spain, studying abroad and interning for the U.S. Embassy, under the Department of Commerce's U.S. Commercial Service. He spent his time at the embassy by serving small to medium-size U.S. businesses seeking to export their products to Spain. Andy successfully fostered partnerships between Spanish and U.S. companies, which contributed to the total growth of U.S. exports.


    Andy served as a White House intern under the Obama Administration. While at the White House, Andy researched and wrote on issues pertaining to immigration, the economy, Latin America, and more. Andy's five months at the White House enhanced his passion for public service and his desire to serve his community.


    In 2015, Andy was elected to the Haverhill City Council. His first term has been marked by strong advocacy for economic development, education, and financial transparency.

  • Issues

    Working together as a community to address some of Haverhill's most pressing problems & opportunities.


    We need everyone in Haverhill to be engaged in their community

    Andy believes we need to bring back neighborhood associations in Haverhill. Every neighborhood should have a voice and representation in the city. All of our neighborhoods offer significant and unique values to Haverhill and together we can make the best of everything that our city has to offer.


    See the full announcement of Andy's Neighborhood Association Plan here: Andy Vargas' Neighborhood Association Plan


    This is the best investment & most important responsibility we must undertake for all in our city.

    Andy has been a fierce advocate for our schools, often asking the tough questions and giving voice to those not usually at the table. About 90% of school districts in MA invest more in education than Haverhill. Knowing all the needs we have in our schools, Andy finds this unacceptable and has made the case that investing in our schools is the most fiscally prudent action we can take. As our schools improve, so do home values and quality of life in Haverhill.


    As a product of the Haverhill public school system, he understands many of the strengths and weaknesses facing our schools. Andy is a strong advocate for the arts, music, and sports. Additionally, Andy will continue to work towards ensuring that our students are graduating with practical real life skills, in the fields of finance, social responsibility, and civic engagement.

    Business & Entrepreneurship

    Proactively seeking new business to set up shop in Haverhill, but also empowering & encouraging local talent to start their own businesses.

    Andy will continue to reach out to businesses elsewhere to ask what will bring them to Haverhill, and show them what the city has to offer. Andy will work towards bringing jobs to the city by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship- both deep passions of his.


    He has also been clear about the fact that we can't rely on outside companies to drive economic development in Haverhill. We have to fuel the hopes and dreams of residents who are interested in starting a business or non-profit. When residents set up shop in their own city, they're more likely to stay here and invest here.


    Youth Development

    Providing young people support and opportunity

    Andy believes our young people hold the keys to Haverhill's present and future success. By working to provide young people with spaces to enhance their passions, interests, and hobbies, we can provide an alternative to drugs, violence, and gangs. Andy believes that we should invest in our young people now so we aren't paying for it later.


    It's time to face the facts and address Haverhill homelessness

    This is an issue Andy will not be afraid to prioritize. Working together with community organizations and the private sector, we can find solutions to assist the homeless men, women, and children. No child should have to end a school day without having a home to go to. 

  • Voices for Vargas

    Listen to a supporter discuss how Andy won their vote

    Marc Harvey

    Teacher at Haverhill High School

    "He is energetic, he is smart, he is thoughtful, he is pensive, and wise beyond his years"

    Wes and Alejandra

    Young members of the community

    "Andy is a giver and wants to help others succeed in his community"

    Rosa Rodriguez

    Longtime Haverhill resident

    "He has worked with youth development and education, which is key to this city"

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