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Vargas Position On Immigrants Mischaracterized In Magliocchetti Interview With Valley Patriot; Magliocchetti Sides With Trump On Immigration

HAVERHILL, MA – In an interview with Paul Magliocchetti in the Valley Patriot, which did not attempt to contact Councilor Vargas for comment, Councilor Andy Vargas’ position on immigration was blatantly mischaracterized. The article stated that Vargas “even posted a warning to criminals on his Facebook page” and went on to suggest that Vargas was protecting “violent criminals like rapists and wife beaters.” This is utterly false and disappointing. In February of 2017, Vargas issued an advisory provided by the American Civil Liberties Union – reminding all Haverhill residents of their rights provided by the U.S. Constitution. Councilor Vargas also made clear that “I am absolutely in favor of deporting drug dealers, gang members, and those who commit violent crimes.”

During the interview, Magliocchetti goes on to state that he doesn’t have a problem with local law enforcement working with the federal immigration authorities and suggests that immigrants “register with the government” in a time where Trump officials have separated families by deporting non-violent and hardworking people.

In response to these smears, Councilor Vargas said: “Paul completely misses the point, and in fact his position will lead to exactly the action he says he is against, breaking apart hard working families. The Trump administration has in fact raided homes to break up families and deport parents of children who are citizens of this country. This policy is impractical and fiscally imprudent. Haverhill residents are smart enough to know the facts and not give into shameless fear mongering.”

“I was heartened to see Paul at the Haverhill Democrats Immigration Meeting held this week, where he expressed a much different attitude than what was said in this article. To leave the impression that I want to assist criminals is inflammatory and has no place in this race. I am against all criminals – whether they are immigrants or citizens.” “The people of Haverhill deserve the same high-level of integrity, authenticity and pragmatism that Brian Dempsey has always brought to this seat. I hope we can get back to running a positive campaign, and I look forward to continuing to do so.”


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